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Double Power Point White, Double Pole, Removable Cover, POWERCLIP.

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    Double power point, Double Pole, Removable Cover, POWERCLIP


    POWERCLIP also offers optional coloured covers to replace the included white cover.

    All recreational vehicles are required, by LAW, to be fitted with DOUBLE POLE power points. These have the added safety advantage that both the active and neutral wires are disconnected when the switch is turned off.

    For your own safety, and others, do not place normal power points in your RV.


  • Aust/NZ approval Q00297
  • 116mm x 72mm, requires 12mm recess into wall.
  • Shipping Weight: 120 grams.
  • Our Comments

    We have been selling this product for several years now. These are popular with our customers and we sell a number per week. We try to keep plenty on our shelves for quick delivery.

    Customer Comments & Reviews

    good price fast delivery easy to install 1989 van
    16 Mar 2015 - Thomas from QLD
    Great product of excellent quality. Used to replace single power point in kitchen area for more convienence.
    24 Feb 2012 - Alan from VIC
    easy to install and prices lower than other suppliers.
    07 Dec 2011 - Paul from QLD