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240v REZI instant electric Hot water system, 3.3kW.

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(ID-7645) Keywords: RZ-33

    REZI instant electric Hot water system. This very small compact unit will supply INSTANT hot water at 40 Degrees, at 2 litres per min. in a standard Caravan or Motorhome setup.


    Assumes a 15amp power supply of 240V and a 15 degree original water temperature.

    This is perfect for above sink and basin applications, and is quite adequate for a single shower, provided the initial water temperature is NOT below, say 10 degrees. Additional accessories are required for shower installations, which are available as separate REZI items or standard plumbing fittings.

    Why use an Instant Electric Hot water heater:

    You will save money - you convert all the electricity used into heated water.
    You do not waste time - hot water is available to you from the moment you turn on the tap.
    You don't waste water - only the exact amount of water you need is heated.
    You save space - the small size of the REZI water heater make it possible to install it anywhere; Standard is above sink, but options allow it to fit beside or under the sink or in the shower cubicle.

    Comes with 240V wiring, to be hardwired.
    Comes with White plastic taps and spout, ready to install on a wall water outlet with 1/2 Male BSP .
    Only the included REZI taps and spout or the optional REZI T-piece will connect to thread shown.


  • Instant hot water @ 40 degrees celcius. (does depend on flow rate and incoming water temperature)
  • 3.3kW.
  • 2ltr's per minute flow.
  • Shipping Weight: 1.22 Kgs.
  • Our Comments

    These units reduce water flow to 2.1 litres per minute and on testing from a starting temperature of 15 Degrees centergrad will get to 40 degrees. A faster flow rate will give a lower output temperature. A lower input temperature will give a lower output temperature.

    We have been selling this product for several years now. These are a very popular item. We cannot get these from our supplier any more. The stock shown, if any, is the last available.

    Customer Comments & Reviews

    The advertising surrounding the Rezi water heater is misleading to the point of being illegal in this country. I had ordered a Rezi water heater to be installed in our kitchen water supply as per the diagram supplied in the Rezi brochure. The diagram indicates that my main water supply could be broken into and two fittings installed to supply hot water to my sink. This is not correct as those two fittings are NOT available in Australia and the unit cannot be installed as their diagram suggests. I had to purchase a "special" fitting (you guessed it, made by Rezi and costing another $50) to convert the European gas threads to standard BSP threads that are used in Australia. There is no blame on Caravans Plus for this but, like everyone in the caravan world, I certainly don;t like to be duped or mislead.
    21 Sep 2014 - John from NSW
    Great little water heater. I was concerned with it being plastic but it seems to be no problem. To get really hot water you do need to reduce flow but it is OK for our shower and great for the washing up.
    30 Jul 2012 - Ray from TAS
    We bought a rezi for our shower in our shed which we were turning into our home. I can honestly say it was the best buy. we ran it off our 6.5 kva generator and it worked really well. If you want a cheap and effective hot water system than buy one.
    24 Sep 2011 - Jools from QLD

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