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Aluminium wall cladding, Information page only.

 Information Only.

(ID-174) Keywords: CP10-6

    Information page only - this product should be purchased direct from supplier.

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    A deep profile cladding available in 6 metre lengths, but they can be cut to smaller lengths for ease of transport.

    This is used horizontally along the side of the RV/Caravan. It is more rigid than the sheeting used on the roof or front and rear. It comes with a lower seam already included in the price.

    Starting at the top, the sheet is stapled or pop-rivetted to the wall frame, along the top and bottom edges, glue may be used for a stronger wall. The next sheet is then pushed into the bottom seam of the upper sheet, this gives a waterproof seam, provided the sheet is pushed all the way up. The second and subsequent sheets are fixed only at the bottom edge which gets concealed by the following lower sheet.

    Each sheet gives an effective coverage of 250mm vertically per panel. Window holes and front and rear shape can be cut in place, or if preferred, marked on the rear and cut on a bench using tin snips, jigsaw or nibbler.

    The corners/edges are generally covered with an aluminium extrusion.