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12 Pin Trailer Plug.

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(ID-1659) Keywords: N82171, 004921, Britax or Narva, 20280150, 12-PIN FLAT PLASTIC VAN PLUG NARVA 82171BL/B47 PACKAGED.

    12 Pin Trailer Plug. This plug allows for the trailer / caravan to connect to the car which has a 12 pin socket.


    The beauty of the 12 pin over the 7 pin is that you can feed high amperage 12v or 24v power thru the plug for such things as battery charging, fridge or other auxiliary uses.

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    We have been selling this product for several years now. We try to keep a few of these on our shelves for quick delivery. If you order more than the 10 we have in stock, the delay is around 5 days to get more.

    Customer Comments & Reviews

    This item was easy to install, I like the cover over the pins.
    07 Dec 2012 - Geoffrey from NSW