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Gas Bottle Cradle, Suit 9kg, Front opening.

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(ID-12441) Keywords: AGBHLO O1.large

    This cradle will suit the 9kg gas bottles and has a quick release clamp and fully hinged front that is ideal to release the bottle where clearance above does not permit removal.


  • Galvanised
  • Suit 9kg cylinder
  • Front hinges open

  • Shipping Weight: 2.33 Kgs.
  • Our Comments

    Please see enlargement to see quality of galvanising as we have had some comments that the product is low quality.

    We have been selling this product for several years now. We try to keep a few of these on our shelves for quick delivery. If you order more than the 8 we have in stock, the delay is around 6 days to get more.

    Customer Comments & Reviews

    Product good berry happy easy on back no lifting just slides in Jim n.s.w
    24 Nov 2014 - James from NSW
    However the product quality is poor. The overcentre toggle clamps were jammed, requiring straightening and freeing up. The legs not straight and big globs of galvanizing fowled around the gas cylinders. Lots of touch up on areas were the galv processes failed to plate the steel. I am not sure if I was unlucky to get the bad ones, I certainly wouldent have bought these particular brackets when shopping personally.
    10 Jul 2013 - Dennis from WA
    Great product,easy on back when changing gas bottles.Havent found this type of cradle anywhere else.Very Pleased
    18 Apr 2013 - Ken from VIC