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Brake Controller Wiring Kit Components, HELP file.

Information Only

ID-10787 Keywords or Part Number(s): 1000, KIT1000, lume, harness


The following parts are suggested to install brake controllers for normal sized cars and 4WD's. The wiring and connectors suit up to triple axle trailers. Also select the most suitable fuse as described below.

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Fuse/Circuit Breaker:
1 x Manual reset ATS circuit breakers, 20Amp up to two axles
1 x Manual reset ATS circuit breakers, 30Amp up to two axles
1 x ATS standard blade fuse holder. In line

Terminal connectors:
1 x Ring terminal (yellow) to connect to Positive power source
2 x Connectors (yellow) suit 5mm wire
2 x Connectors suit 4mm wire

5mm Blue single core, take power from controller to rear vehicle socket, 6 metres (we sell black by metre)
5mm Black single core, battery power to controller , 3 metres
4mm White extension for earth, 1 metre (we sell black by metre)
4mm Red extension for brake switch, 1 metre (we sell black by metre)