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Park Your Caravan Anywhere Using Remote Control

Article by Steve Smith, Caravans Plus

12 Volt Caravan Movers

Remote Controlled Caravan Movers have now become quite popular. There are a few brands to choose from and we have decided to list a couple of brands that we feel give the best features. They are sold in a kit with everything you need to install them yourself. They will fit almost all Australian Caravans.

With a Remote Controlled Caravan Mover you will be able to:

1) Hitch up your Caravan without the helpful hand signals from your partner.

2) Back your Caravan through tight gateways or around corners you can't get to with the car attached.

3) Turn your Caravan door to face the view at any campsite.

The Remote Controlled Caravan Mover works by using two small but powerful 12 Volt motors. They push against a tyre on each side of your Caravan. You use the remote control to drive your Caravan forward or backwards and turn.


Watch this video to see how a Remote Control Caravan Mover works.

Camec and Reich are the brands sold by Caravans Plus. Below are the features that you need to consider, depending on your requirements.

  • How much does your caravan weight?
  • How much slope do you have?
  • How many axles does your caravan have?
  • Do you need auto-engage?
  • What warranty is offered?
  • What is the price?
  • Are spare parts available?
  • Will it fit my caravan?

    The 12V mover units are sold in sets with 2 motors. This will work on single and double axle caravans, however it is recommended that you buy two sets (four motors) for the heavier twin axle caravan, as manoeuvrability is reduced when using only two motors unless the surface is gravel . The two sets will work much better than one.

    On a twin axle caravan please ensure that you check that there is enough space between a sunken door and the wheel to fit a motor unit in (approx 30cm). If unsure just call Purple Line and they will be able to assist.

    Manual Caravan Movers

    Not every one needs a 12V mover, but you may need to move your caravan or trailer into an arkward position that you cannot manage while attached to your tow vehicle. The ratcheting type jockey wheels are a great solution in this case.

    Watch this video to see how a Ratchet Mover works.

    We have a range of 12V and Manual Ratchet Movers to choose from. The current range with prices is accessed below.