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Park Your Caravan Anywhere Using Remote Control

Article by Steve Smith, Caravans Plus

Remote Controlled Caravan Movers have now hit the Australian market. There are a few brands to choose from but "Purple Line" seems to be the best value for money. They are sold in a kit with everything you need to install them yourself. They will fit almost all Australian Caravans.

With a Remote Controlled Caravan Mover you will be able to:

1) Hitch up your Caravan without the helpful hand signals from your partner.

2) Back your Caravan through tight gateways or around corners you can't get to with the car attached.

3) Turn your Caravan door to face the view at any campsite.

The Remote Controlled Caravan Mover works by using two small 12 Volt motors. They push against a tyre on each side of your Caravan. You use the remote control to drive your Caravan forward or backwards and turn.

Watch this video to see how a Remote Control Caravan Mover works.

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(View more videos on YouTube here)

Purple Line Caravan Movers are made in England and are very popular in the UK. They come with a 2 year warranty. There are two models to choose from:

The Enduro EM 4445 is the basic model and has most of the features and functions of the more expensive models. The Enduro is our pick for value for money.

The E-go Mover EGO200 is a little more powerful than the Enduro. It also has a wind-on engagement which can be upgraded to electric engagement.

Both of the Purple Line Caravan Movers have very strong motors. They can pull a 2.25 tonne Caravan up a 25 degree (1:4) hill.

The mover units are sold in sets with 2 motors. This will work on single and double axle caravans, however it is recommended that you buy two sets (four motors) for a twin axle caravan, as manoeuvrability is reduced when using only two motors. The two sets will work much better than one.

On a twin axle caravan please ensure that you check that there is enough space between the door and the wheel to fit a motor unit in (approx 30cm). If unsure just call Purple Line and they will be able to assist.

For more information or to purchase a Remote Control Caravan Mover click below.

Professional Installation Available.

If you don't want to fit the Caravan Mover yourself then please contact Malcolm Hill (Purple Line Director) on 0402 607 060 or malcolm@purpleline.com.au. Malcolm has professional fitters in all areas of Australia.

Customer Testimonials

Hi Purple Line. This is the best investment I have made. I am now able to store our caravan in our front yard right along the side the house and we still have uninterrupted view from our bedroom window. We could not do that without our remote control caravan mover, It is very easy to maneuver and saves me money from storage. And of course the convenience of packing and getting away so much quicker and easier. Love it. Kind regards Steve.
Steve Tsitsikalis

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